- My Story

I have always had a passion and love for the arts, and knew at an early age it would be the career path I would follow. My first influence to the painting world was at 10 years old, when I first saw Norman Rockwell's paintings in a coffee table book my Mom had purchased. I was taken aback by the realistic, yet painterly quality of his work combined with the ability to tell a story in one moment in time was just incredible to me. Painting was what I had to do, I was hooked! As I got a little older, the sad realization set in that becoming a full-time artist was not the best route for making a living, so I decided I would study film making instead. Yes, working behind the camera was the life I wanted and off I went with every ounce of passion I once had for painting.

I studied Communications Media with a major in Film, at Fitchburg State College and slipped easily into the local scene after graduation. I worked for over 8 years as a Lighting Director, Gaffer, and various other crew positions working locally in Boston and New York. In 1989, I continued my education at the prestigious American Film Institute in Los Angeles, CA.  There, I studied Cinematography, Lighting and Camera Operation and received a Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1991. After graduation, I worked in the entertainment industry on commercials, documentaries, broadcast television segments, music videos, and many independent films for over 7 years. In 1997, I moved back to my New England roots continuing to work in video and the graphic design fields. Through my experience, I have developed a strong artistic foundation that translates into my art. This contributes to a strong understanding of composition, design, value, mood and atmosphere which I now use in my paintings.

As an artist, I have explored disciplines such as, sculpting, 3D installations, graphic design, encaustic wax art, woodworking, and professionally painting commercial and residential murals. I am an intensely curious person by nature and am easily bored if I am not being challenged in some way. I stay engaged in the arts and continue to learn and absorb many different things in my day to day life that help me as an artist.

Art continues to excite me. It feeds my soul in a way nothing else does. It is through this exploration of creative expression, my passion for art ignites. This is because the journey is ongoing - as luckily, there is no destination being an artist.